Spinal Muscles

This is a digitized and vectorized version of an oil and acrylic based painting.
Buruchi Autosport and Homes Logos

An array of logos i designed for a client who wanted a modern twist on a traditional European family crest as his business logo
Ivory Iris

Grace &Grease on cardboard

I used a box that some car parts came in and painted it with grease and oil I collected while working on my car.the objective was to make something beautiful out of elements usually viewed as waste.
Where the Waves Crest

This piece is my personal favorite illustration and has been transformed into a large poster, which resides in my living room,. This is my most popular print of all
The Three Wise Men


Night time can be a time of comfort or a time for longing but it all a mere melodrama to those who can watch from afar on their perch
Ganesh en Soma

Ganesh is associated with controling chaos and protecting people from death. Hindi myths have inspired many works of art. I like to reappropriate (misappropriate) this imagery which is generally associated with conservative social values, and fuse it with Western popculture and imagery. However despite the playful nature of these works, I still maintain a deep respect for Eastern ideaologies
Spike Sleeps

Extinct Washington State Mouse

This is a farewell letter to a dwarf mouse that lived only in Eastern Washington until 2008, when it\\\'s extinction was announced in an issue of National Geographic